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Consumer survey report of NMN ingredient supplements in China in 2020

Cognition on the efficacy of NMN health care products

Nearly 80% of consumers will take the initiative to further understand the product information after hearing about NMN health products. The respondents did not fully understand the efficacy of NMN health care products. They believed that the main efficacy of NMN was to enhance immunity and improve sleep.

Market maturity of NMN health products - 1

Most consumers have been exposed to NMN health care products in the past year. Consumers still know less about NMN, and there is still a large space for consumers to buy and sell this product.

Market maturity of NMN health products - 2

After nearly two years of NMN, the company has gradually increased its awareness of NMN, especially in the domestic market. On July 9, 2020, jindawei NMN products were launched into tmall flagship store, and the first batch of products (about 1500 bottles) were sold out one week after they were put on the shelves, which caused a lot of repercussions on the consumer side and social side.

Main reasons for purchasing NMN health products

Most of the respondents hope to enhance their immunity and improve their sleep by taking NMN health products, while nearly 40% of them hope to repair the skin and achieve the effect of beauty and whitening.

Brand preference of NMN health care products

However, nearly half of the respondents chose NMN health products made in the United States, followed by Japan and Australia. The interviewed consumers prefer big international brands. For example, jindawei group, a listed company, benefits from the concept of "NMN" in the capital market, and its American brand doctor's best NMN products are well-known among the target groups. In addition, many international brands, including GNC, a well-known food and nutrition brand in the United States, are also planning to launch NMN related products globally in November.

Consumption frequency of NMN health care products

Most of the respondents (47.7%) maintained the frequency of taking NMN health products once a day.

Satisfaction with the efficacy of NMN health care products

After taking NMN health care products, the respondents felt that the most obvious change was the improvement of mental state, followed by the whitening and tightening of skin. In addition, the interviewed consumers are satisfied with the efficacy of NMN health care products, and will continue to take them, and are willing to recommend others to buy them.

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